Do you require any special qualifications to purchase a Global Brew® Franchise?

We do not require any specific background or work experience to be considered for a franchise. We are confident in our ability to train Franchisees to successfully duplicate our system, so we are seeking individuals who possess good business acumen and are willing to follow our operating system. Of course, Franchisees must also possess the minimum financial qualifications necessary to fund the opening of their franchise, which includes a minimum credit score of 680 and $75,000-$100,000 in liquid capital. Please contact us for additional details.

If I do not meet the minimum financial qualifications, am I permitted to partner with another individual who does?

Yes, provided your partner owns at least 50% of your Franchise Business.

What is the required investment to open a Global Brew® Franchise?

The total investment required to develop and begin operating a Global Brew Franchise ranges from $298,300 to $488,300 based on various factors specific to each Franchise location. The initial investment includes all of the costs and expenses to open and begin operating your Global Brew Franchise, including the initial franchise fee; leasehold improvements; initial lease payments; equipment, fixtures and furnishings; signage; training expenses; initial inventory; supplies and materials; accounting and legal fees; and working capital for a three-month period. Please complete our Franchise Inquiry Form if you would like to receive a detailed outine of information. 

Does Global Brew®offer financing?

We do not offer financing; however, we can provide a list of potential lenders for you to contact to determine your qualification to obtain financing.

Do you permit absentee owners?

Yes, provided your Manager successfully completes our initial training program. A franchise owner is also required to attend the initial training program.

Do you permit Franchisees to purchase more than one Global Brew® Franchise?

Yes. We offer a “Developer Program” for Franchisees who are qualified to open multiple locations under a Development Agreement. Developers receive an exclusive area in which they are permitted to open additional franchise locations over an agreed time period. We offer a 30% discount on the Franchise Fee for Developers for each additional location they open. Alternatively, you may first wish to open a single location and once you’ve gained experience and become familiar with the Global Brew operation, purchase a second or third franchise. In this case, you will receive a 20% discount on the Franchise Fee for your second franchise and each additional franchise you open.

How much money can I earn from my Global Brew® Franchise?

The Federal Trade Commission’s Franchise Rule permits franchise companies to make what is termed “financial performance representations” (“FPRs”) in Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document. Although many franchise companies choose not to make FPRs, we believe it is extremely important to do so since it helps prospective Franchisees understand the financial aspects of our business. In Item 19 of our FDD, we provide an FPR that includes revenue and expense figures for our two affiliated locations in O’Fallon and Edwardsville, Illinois since their opening. When you receive a copy of our FDD, you can review the information in Item 19, which will assist you and your financial advisor in preparing a financial pro forma for your Global Brew Franchise.

How long does it take to open a Global Brew®Franchise?

We estimate that the time required to open your Franchise following the signing of the Franchise Agreement is three to five months. This includes the time required to select a site for your Franchise, negotiate the lease, complete leasehold improvements, complete our initial Franchise Training Program, and hire and train your staff.

What types of locations are appropriate for a Global Brew® Franchise?

Strip malls and free standing buildings that offer high visibility and traffic counts are ideal locations for your Global Brew Franchise. The size of the space should range from 2,500-3,500 square feet with minimum frontage of 30 feet. Please complete our Franchise Inquiry Form if you would like to receive detailed franchise location information. 

What is the demographic makeup of Global Brew® customers?

In terms of gender, although surprising to some people, men and women almost split the demographic for Global Brew on a given day and night. Having a comfortable, approachable setting is a large part of that for women, along with the variety of beers (and wine) that cater to a sweeter palate. The age of our customers really varies. Depending on the night, you'll see groups celebrating a 21st birthday, professors having a drink with their Grad Assistant, young professionals enjoying a night out, as well as seniors reminiscing on beers they drank in Germany while in the military or on vacation. Finally, our customers generally skew higher in income. Our beers are priced fairly but higher than the local bar down the street that is serving large distribution beers like Miller and Busch.

What are the typical operating hours for a Global Brew® Franchise?

Since we do not offer full meals, our standard hours of operation are 3 p.m.-12 a.m. Monday through Thursday, 1 p.m.-2 a.m. Friday, 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Saturday and 11 a.m.-12 a.m. Sunday. Changes to these hours may be requested by Franchisees and permission will be granted based on specific circumstances, such as local liquor law or landlord requirements.

How much is your Franchise Fee and Royalty Fee?

Our initial Franchise Fee is $40,000 for your first location. Our continuing Royalty Fee is 5% of weekly gross sales, excluding sales tax.

Do you offer a franchise training program?

As part of your purchase of a Franchise, we conduct a comprehensive Franchise Training Program for you and your Manager over a two-week period at our affiliated locations in O’Fallon and Edwardsville, Illinois. The Franchise Training Program covers every aspect of the Franchise Business, including bar development; operations; advertising and marketing; hiring, training and retaining employees; developing relationships with local breweries; special bar events and promotions; and community events. Franchisees benefit from the tremendous knowledge and experience of our management team. In addition to our Franchise Training Program, our Franchise Support Team also provides a minimum of five days of additional training and on-site support at your Franchise location during your first week of operation.

Do you provide advertising and marketing assistance?

We have developed very effective advertising and marketing programs as well as social media campaigns that will help drive customers to your Global Brew Franchise. In addition, each Franchisee receives custom web pages on our website to promote their individual locations. During your initial training program, our marketing team will begin advising you concerning Grand Opening and ongoing advertising and marketing programs you will conduct locally and in establishing your social media campaigns.

Why doesn’t Global Brew® serve meals?

At Global Brew, we focus on what we do best…serving great craft beer. Although we offer a few tasty snacks for our customers to enjoy while they’re sipping their favorite craft beer, we do not offer meal service. Instead, we “partner” ” with local restaurants, which enables our customers to order meals to be delivered to Global Brew by the vendor. This has allowed us to establish incredible relationships with local restaurants, who in turn promote Global Brew to their patrons. It also greatly reduces the initial investment required to develop and open a Global Brew Franchise.

Do you recommend that I visit Global Brew®?

Definitely. We believe visiting with us during a “Franchise Discovery Day” is a vital step in evaluating Global Brew and our franchise opportunity. A personal visit enables you to meet our team and experience Global Brew firsthand. A typical visit lasts 6-8 hours so we recommend you schedule a full day when you visit.

How do I receive a copy of your Franchise Disclosure Document?

We typically provide a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document to you during your Franchise Discovery Day. In certain cases, we will provide the Franchise Disclosure Document in advance of your visit either electronically or in hard copy. If you’re interested in receiving the document in advance of your visit, we’ll ask you to complete our FDD Request Form, which enables you to dictate whether you would like to receive a hardcopy or PDF file of the document.

I’m interested in learning more. What is the next step?

Please complete our Franchise Inquiry Form. This will help us learn a little more about you as we begin discussing Global Brew with you in more detail. Following our receipt of your form, we will contact you to begin sharing information about Global Brew and our franchise opportunity. We will also provide our detailed franchise brochure, which includes an outline of the franchise investment requirements.


The information provided on this website is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for information purposes only. Currently, the following states in the U.S. regulate the offering and sale of franchises: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you are a resident of, or desire a franchise in one of these states, we will not offer you a franchise until we have complied with applicable presale registration and disclosure requirements in your state, which includes providing you with a state specific Franchise Disclosure Document.