draft list / beer shots


Not only do we have the best brews in draft and bottle from around the globe, but we also have Beer Shots.  What are Beer Shots you ask?   Well, we embarked on a challenge to make a beer version of the traditional shot; a mix of different beers blended together into one perfect shooter. 

After hours in our lab (at the bar) the Beer Shot was born. They're quite a bit of fun, and tasty too. 

PINK ELEPHANT :: belgian strong ale + raspberry lambic

BLACK RASPBERRY :: chocolate stout + raspberry lambic

RED DRAGON :: barrel-aged imperial stout + raspberry lambic

BLOODY RUSSIAN :: russian imperial stout + raspberry lambic

FRAPPLE :: cider + raspberry lambic

SPIKED CIDER :: lager + cider

TWIST & STOUT :: stout + cider

BARTENDER'S BLEND :: a mix with seasonal or limited release brews